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‘’The higher the better. It’s more about an attitude. High heels empower-women in a way’’. Christian Louboutin.



Welcome into my Pole Dancing world!


I’m sharing this content with you in order to enrich your journey into pole dancing; Try out and feedback about Pole dancing Clothes, Accessories, practice and so much more! I always thought it was a good idea to invest in my sport gear and accessories – probably overspent a little as well! – but I always felt focusing on results and wearing outfit I like would keep me in the best of moods in order to achieve more results! And for quite a few reasons, I found this mundane aspect of life being an important source of motivation to feed my progress and my energy.

I realised very quickly the difference between good quality clothes that you care about and clothes of lower quality that look sad after few times, so you end up abandoning it in your closet. But you as you know, there’s this one that fits you so well, so you want to wear it all the time! This one, as small, and as insignificant as it seems, brings you this energy to encourage you to be better! Probably also puts that smile on your face, because it fits your curves nicely, cover and uncover your curves the way you love. And you would be so right to wear pole dancing clothes that really feel good on your body; It plays a role in highlighting your value and pushing you to work for your goals. Be like a diamond that can be only surrounded and decorated by precious accessories.

So, I’m not saying that your value is proportional to how much you spend on pole dancing clothes, but investing wisely in good quality materials, that you will enjoy wearing and which will keep the glow every time you open your closet.  At the end of the day, it’s always more expensive to buy things of lower quality, as you will have to buy the same item over and over…  And we don’t want to throw money away either…! So, let’s always opt for the best!

I hope you will enjoy this blog, full of useful pole practice information, product reviews and offers for the best Pole Dancing products!

Stay tuned and keep Pole Dancing!

With Love