Why I love Bachelor(ette) Parties !


montage bachelor


Hey lovely People!

Let’s talk about a subject I really enjoy thinking and talking about… Bachelor and Bachelorette parties! These events are made with a beautiful synergy of love, laugh and lots of adventures!

To be honest, I love to celebrate both of events, male or female, for different reasons I will explain you. We know there are significant differences between male and female, in term of behaviour or way to do something… So, here’s an interesting thing I’m going to reveal you mainly about men.

When I prepare a Bachelorette party, I’m always asking to her friends what the bride would love to do; something funny or something very glamorous, or something sexy. I’m asking for the music she wants to dance on, the atmosphere she would fall in love with. Most of the time, girls ask me for something sexy but simple, so we make sure we would execute all the moves in a pretty way. After getting their feedback, I suggest a certain clothing style, so it fits well the dance gender and push the girls to feel in the skin of a dancer.

Even if it’s a fun moment where everything is just for laugh, girls are always dedicated to produce a clean dance and do beautiful moves. They are very concerned about doing the right move and follow the tempo! The atmosphere is always very funny and sexy!

For Bachelor Party, I’m having the exact questions to the friend’s groom, except one I’m asking only to men; ”Do you want to ”Pole Dance like girls” or do you want to try a ”Pole Dance battle” like men?” Believe it or not, they all want to dance like girls and making fun of the groom! They are not interested about showing up their muscles or strength… They just want to release everything and be as playful as possible! These parties are probably the most epics ones I had the honour to be a part of. Boys are like kids when they party together, they just look for an occasion to laugh at themselves and showing themselves in the most ridiculous situation toward their best friends. They just want to jump like monkeys on the pole and fall heavy on the ground like a bag of potatoes… It’s only laugh and very good vibes of friendship !

For both groups, as we know it’s a big celebration day, I always advice them to try not to come too drunk or too high as we want to avoid injuries or dangerous situation.For security purpose, we warm up about 10 minutes and I make sure everyone can execute all the moves safely.

All these aspects are important and crucial as they are making this event perfect for a wonderful souvenir!


With Love!