Why I love…




Making Pole Dancing tutorials!


The answer is simple; because I love teaching my passion. A passion that I learned by myself, through content, videos and tutorials, I found it great to learn the basics while letting my own creativity express itself during my training.

I have invested in subscriptions (sometimes expensive) on tutorial platforms and this without regret because they have all allowed me to achieve at each training a better understanding and a better technical level. I spent hours pausing and playing hundreds, maybe thousands of videos to understand the movement and the hooks made on the pole.

And then, now that I am starting my third year of Pole Dancing, I successfully passed my Pole Dance diploma a few months ago, I wanted to resume my series of tutorials to transmit my knowledge and “facilitate” the life of Pole Dancers in search of simple and effective explanations.

My observation with beginners is that they have a hard life! They often complicate their training when experience has always shown that the path is not so complex, it is enough to understand the technique and let the body soak in it.

My wish with this tutorial sharing is to save time for people who want to make visible progress and to focus on the technical points more than on the questions of strength or flexibility. When I was a beginner, I remember having accomplished very advanced figures because I immediately understood the technique! I have had the same experience several times with my beginner students when you understand the technique you trust yourself better !

So I invite you to take advantage of this knowledge that I share with you and to let me know your requests if you wish to learn a specific figure or movement.

You can follow these tutorials on my Youtube channel and on Vimeo with videos on demand too!


All the best!


With Love