Knee pads…



A story about pole girls!


The subject may seem a little light or futile, but it is nothing of the sort!

Pole girls who do Exotic Dance and especially Floorwork are perfectly aware of it, knee pads are an indispensable accessory!

They constitute an important protection which help in carrying out all the movements on the ground, the slips, but also for some, they add a little softness at the time of contact with the ground during the dancing figures. Joints are put to the test and pain can be intense without protection during Pole Dance classes and many people are sensitive to strong contact, even the slightest contact of the knee with the floor.

Bruises occur very quickly and sometimes even with the knee pads present; during training or movements performed in dance, one does not always realize the pressure exercised on the joints. It is once the training is over, or even the next day, that we notice both the damage but above all we feel pride in having been beyond our pain, beyond our own limits. It is for this reason that the passion of the Pole Dance is not necessarily knees covered with bruises and pains!

Finally, the crunchiest part, if I may say so, is of course when you make a safety accessory a stylish element, which matches (or not) with its outfit. An element that enhances our curves,  that resembles us and protects us.

For having tested and approved the knee pads at Queen For Dance, among others tested, I found several advantages that I will quote below :

Their knee pads are an integral protection of the knee and also on the sides, an element that I found very interesting when working the large facial split!

– You will find 3 different knee sizes with a measurement at the thigh and upper calf, providing an accurate measurement of your knee size.

– You also have 3 widths of reinforcements to insert in your knee pad according to the sensitivity of your knee and the intensity of the exercises! I must say, this is an additional advantage!

– The knee pads are open at the back of the leg to allow you hold the pole on figures like the Gemini for example

– It is an element of great importance for me… The wide choice of colours and prints to please you according to your mood!

– A fast delivery of the product, which will be given to you in a small bag to store it cleanly after  using it! We like to take care of our belongings.


Queen For Dance knee pads
Sophie is wearing Black knee pads from Queen For Dance. Size : Small


You will understand, it is a product that I particularly appreciate for having tested and loved it!

So, I have a little surprise for you… which is 5% discount on their knee pads and their other products to equip you and please you!  


Queen For Dance knee pads
Find all the knee pads possible ! Black, Printed, Nude… ! Just pick the ones which will match your style and taste 🙂


To do so, use my discount code ”PoleFit Studio” to be mentioned when ordering on the website Queen For Dance


That will help you make considerable savings especially when one buys by need and also by envy like me! Sometimes I also offer it to some of my friends around me because it is a gift which is as useful, and it is original!


So girls… Go get your knee pads and dance with your knees covered!

With Love !